Friday, 9 September 2011

Cute or creepy? 3D scan photos

What do you make of the 3d scan photos? I wasn't going to bother having one done but my father-in-law was so keen, he offered to pay, then of course I agreed!

It's a brilliant set up at Baby Debut in Taplow - the parents-to-be go into one room while all the spectators head into the screening room where they can see and hear all that's going on next door. All my in-laws came along for the view...whereas my mum almost spat her wine out upon hearing about the screening room - much more of a hands-off grandmother that one ;-)

We had about an hour of scan time. This little one wasn't playing along and needed lots of poking to try and get a good look at him. I was around 29 weeks at the time and baby was breech, completely folded in half - his big toe was up his nose at one point! So it was very hard to get a clear look at his face as you can see below:

The sonographer was very persistent though and wouldn't give up until we got a better shot.

Look at that chubby face! Although with those long bony hands and feet, he does look half dinosaur!

Then he got pretty fed up of all the attention and just wanted a cuddle

So all in all, I would really recommend going for a 3d scan - it's an indulgence but a lovely one, especially if you're willing to share it with other family members. I could hear the in-laws cooing and cheering next door throughout and they loved being a part of it.

Now there was one photo I didn't bother buying, much to my husband's disappointment...the shot of my unborn son's penis! Apparently, anything above a length of 0.9mm at this stage is considered very impressive...when it was revealed that our boy was coming in at a length of 1.1mm, my husband couldn't hide his delight. He's still looking smug now!

*disclaimer - we paid for the 3d scan and are not receiving anything for mentioning it here - these are my personal views*


  1. Hello
    I had a "complicated" pregnancy and got a 3D scan every four weeks from 12weeks. My OB GYN did a regular U/S and then switched over to 3D at the end so we could have a look.

    I found it quite good fun. One appointment I went to see a different specialist and his technology was even more up to date and I actually saw my daughter opening and closing her eyes. It was pretty magic.

    I wouldn't pay any extra to have one done, but I was glad I was able to have the opportunity to see her so clearly so often all the way up to D Day.

  2. Oh, and on one scan she really looked as if she was smiling. That was a v v v precious moment (even though she obviously wasn't actually smiling, as my kill joy mother kept telling me at the time, it was still lovely.)

  3. How lovely! I would consider having one should I ever have another baby (!)... Emma :)

  4. Speaking as a proud grandfather I thought the viewing room was brilliant. It made us feel an early connection to the baby, and part of the big adventure.

    And I think the penis was actually 1.4. The smugness wasn't just the dad's:)