Monday, 20 June 2011

Baby Disco!

I have an anterior placenta and we were getting fed up of not being able to feel the baby kick as soon as everyone else did. Our way round this was to play some of our favourite songs to the bump with a pair of headphones clamped to my stomach!

Michael Jackson provoked plenty of jabs but Motown seemed too smooth to get this baby dancing. The song that led to the strongest kicks was My Sharona by The Knack - the baby almost jumped out after hearing that one blast through the headphones!

After that vigorous response we felt a bit mean as we realised the baby was probably just scared by sudden loud noice being piped into his baby disco came to an end. If I now play music to him I choose nice soft lullabys that will hopefully soothe him once he's here with us - my favourite is Hushaby Mountain.

At 22 weeks, I now feel our son wriggling and jabbing all the time and I love it!

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