Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hard habit to break

What are the bad habits you are/were determined not to pass on to your children? As this is my first, I obviously have a long list of things I'm going to do perfectly...but there are some areas I'm very worried about.

1. I turn 30 in just over a month but I still suck my thumb. Yep, you read that right. Whenever I'm tired, am watching tv or generally want some comfort, my poor abused thumb sneaks straight into my mouth - I can't control it! Now I feel like I'm on a deadline to kick this embarrassing addiction before my baby arrives and starts copying me. My mum blames herself as she uses to guide my thumb into my mouth every time I cried! Of course, now our son won't be allowed a dummy or any finger sucking...want to take bets on how long that will last once he's here?!

2. My competitive streak isn't really a streak, rather my entire personality. I turn everything into a competition and then boast, brag and generally make myself very unpopular if I win. I'm having nightmares of an uber competitive baby perfecting his smug face before he can even walk. I'm now training myself to stop shouting things like "in your face" and "you suck!" Not the first words I want for my child.

3. The road rage has died down since becoming pregnant, suddenly getting there safely is much more important than getting there fast. However, my father-in-law tells a story of my husband proclaiming "prat" every time he heard a car horn as a child after picking it up from him. So as our son is also predisposed to road-related ranting, better not give him any encouragement.

Have you noticed your kids picking up any of your bad habits?


  1. Hahaha at the not giving your baby a dummy. We had decided on this course of action but it lasted A DAY. I was still in the hospital when my husband was dispatched to buy a dummy. He came back with several different ones. Some children have a very strong need for a pacifier, some don't. Our son took a dummy but was not nearly as attached to it as our daughter had been at the same age.

    Go with the flow.

    I have heard my daughter recently saying, "Oh, for goodness sake, [brother] just get your shoes on without all the nonsense". My mini-me.

  2. I have to confess..Boo shouts when we get cut up at roundabouts..he shouts loudly and clearly words such as "cockerel" after he heard Daddy shouting a similar word and Mummy had to explain that Daddy was refering the the male chicken who the other car was avoiding..

  3. My mum said the only way she stopped biting her nails was when she saw me do it! Luckily my Chicken is only 6 months old so is too little to pick up my bad habits. I am determined to stop the nail biting though!

  4. Just to put your mind at rest I too suck my thumb at 32. It is just something I do (don't admit it that often mind). However none of my 3 children have inherited the habit (although my 12 month old does use me as his dummy). I am also hugely competitive but somehow have managed to keep that under control so far - my husband has banned me from the mum's race at sports day though. Regardless of your bad habits and traits, from your blog posts you seem like a fairly well balanced person. Anyway if we were all the same and did things perfectly life would be very boring!