Sunday, 19 June 2011

One of each

My younger sister is expecting a baby girl just six weeks before my due date - and as we're having a boy, it feels like the whole family is getting one of each. It's great news for me as I have to confess to dreams of pink, sparkles and Barbies! Now I can have girly time with my niece and then come home to my football-mad husband coaching our son from babyhood - yes, he will be the future England captain according to his father!

It wasn't all happy feelings when I first found out about my sister's pregnancy though - we had been trying for 18 months to fall pregnant and to hear that she had accidentally managed to conceive very easily was a bit hard to take. There may have been tears and tantrums in our house for a few days after the news - it makes me feel like an awful person to admit that but it can be so tough to hear everyone else's fantastic news when it seems like it will never happen for you. Fortunately just a few weeks later I was looking at my own positive test.

It's been great fun to share all the ups and downs of pregnancy with my sister and I can't wait for both our children to be here.

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