Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Beauty to my Beast!

If you've been reading my blog regularly, then you may remember the photos of me as a child - they aint pretty! Check them out here for a reminder. I mentioned in that post that I was keeping everything crossed that my unborn son would be lucky enough to look like his dad, rather than me, at least in those first few years.

And here's why:

Look how adorable he is!

And he was even cute when he started to enter the awkward stage of adolescence

So as someone who resembled Les Dawson in a bonnet, I'm really hoping my son takes after his dad and is a cutie!


  1. Oh I can sympathise entirely. I was a bit of a funny looking baby. I lost the hair on top of my head but kept it round the sides so I had more than a passing resemblance to a monk. It also has to be said that my brother looked like an actual gremlin. Needless to say I was concerned about the gene pool I was bringing to the table.My hubby on the other hand was really cute. My MIL likes to tell me frequently how he was the runner up in a Most Beautiful Baby competition.
    I have to say it was actually a relief to find that our baby was really cute. I'm pretty sure I would have known if he wasn't, or my hubby would have pointed it out. But much as he does look like his Daddy, there is also quite a bit of me thrown in there. He clearly took the best bits of both of us.

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  3. Argh! I started writing a comment then came back to it later and published it before I even wrote the next line! DOh!
    He looks lovely :) But I happen to think your photos were nice too! Your little one will be gorgeous! :o)

  4. Ah, they are gorgeous pictures! I bet yours aren't that bad...