Monday, 19 September 2011

WaterBaby review

If you're anything like me during pregnancy, you spend the first few months feeling sick and unable to stomach anything, and then the last few months fighting with constant heartburn when the thought of trying to add anything to your poor overworked digestive system is enough to make you go back to bed!

So how are you supposed to get all those vitamins and minerals we know are needed for a healthy pregnancy and baby?

WaterBaby thinks it has the answer. It's a new pregnancy care drink, which contains all the good things you would find in a supplement, like zinc and calcium, as well as the recommended daily allowance of folic acid.

It has a slight citrus flavour but is still, not fizzy, which is nice for upset stomachs. I would personally prefer a slightly stronger flavour to the drink and perhaps other flavours to choose from, but it's light and refreshing and makes it very easy to get thse vitamins you need. My sample arrived this morning and I've already drained the first bottle!

I love this drink as it means no more forcing down big tablets, which get stuck in your throat, instead it's just a nice, refreshing drink to guzzle - perfect!

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*disclaimer - I was sent this product to review but received no payment for this post, all views are my own*

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