Friday, 16 September 2011

Creating a space for baby

We currently rent a two-bedroom third floor flat - it's not the most baby-friendly space. But we've managed to carve out some room in the spare bedroom to create a little person oasis. There is still a double bed and giant wardrobe in there, but now also a cot and changing table.

 We went crazy for the Little Circus range from Mothercare, mixed in with some rainforest bits from Fisher Price - we decided we wanted lots of cute animals in the nursery! The furniture is the Fern range from Mamas and Papas.

Now all we need is a baby to put in there!

*disclaimer - we paid for all products and are not being rewarded for mentioning them here - these are my personal views*


  1. That Fisher Price Rainforest mobile was an absolute godsend for us. LittleMan LOVED, in fact still loves, it. And it goes for a really nice long time to allow him to doze off.
    The nursery looks really cute. I love the wall stickers.
    Our nursery still has to incorporate some 'spare room' type functions too. But we find it works okay. Plus it gives you somewhere comfy to lie down in you're tired and up with a grizzly baby.

  2. It lovely! The baby won't mind sharing with a bed and a large wardrobe. :)


  3. Oh it's gorgeous!!! I love wall stickers, we used them for Logan's room when he was a baby, and I'm on the look out for some for Sophie that go with her room x

  4. The room looks fabulous! Sophie the giraffe is such a good investment too!