Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dust bunnies ate my homework

I have a confession to make - when it comes to housework, I am a slacker. My ability to ignore dirty plates, piles of magazines and discarded clothes never fails to amaze and infuriate my husband! However, with a new baby and a new house, I'm determined to get on top of my slatternly ways.

Here are the small changes I'm making to ensure visitors don't run screaming from my home:

1) Investing in decent equipment

A rubbish vacuum that hurts your back and doesn't pick up any dirt isn't going to get dragged out from under the stairs very often - and before you know it, those dust bunnies will be bigger than your baby!

2) Using a rota

I love having plans and schedules to follow so deciding that Monday is dusting day, Tuesday is time to vacuum and Wednesday is washing day really helps focus my mind and gets me organised.

3) Roping in the rest of the family

Ok the 5 month old is a little too young but my husband gets given a list of chores at the beginning of each day so he knows what he has to do to help keep our home in decent shape...and my son will be roped into it as soon as he's big enough.

4) Adding finishing touches

Once you've got a sparkling home, add some flowers, get those family photos on the wall and throw open the doors to guests. Enjoying your hard work makes you keen to keep at it and reap the benefits.

What are your top tips for tackling housework?


  1. Great post. I too am house work shy!!! However I am getting better at it! I found working on a room rota worked well for me. That way I always had one tidy room.

  2. I also have a schedule which I mainly keep to, it at least means that the bathrooms get cleaned once a week! My top tip is to try and declutter so that you don't have too much to clean in the first place, although that's easier said than done!