Monday, 19 March 2012

Pregnant or fat?!

My baby is four months old and I am not one of those lucky women who bounced back into shape after giving birth. So far I have been asked FOUR times when my next baby is due. Ouch. In my defence, my bump was gigantic - here's the proof.

The first person to speak without thinking was my 21-year-old cousin. Now I'll let him off as he genuinely had no idea that women's stomachs don't ping back to washboard proportions after giving birth, and I was just two months postpartum.

Then a pharmacist asked the dreaded question - the most irritating thing about this is that I'd just asked her for the strongest painkillers for period pain! Come on daft woman! And the baby was in the trolley in front of me.

But the most upsetting time came when I was asked by two different people on the same night...I actually thought I was looking good at that point. I managed to laugh it off every time I was asked when my baby was due, but that night I burst into tears on the street after leaving the event. My poor husband got some hard stares from passerbys who clearly thought he was in the middle of dumping me!

I know my stomach is big but because my bump was so large, I think I've been in denial. Here is my 'bump' now

This photo was taken 1 week after I was last asked when I was the diet had started!

No.1 Son is being christened at the end of July and I want to be comfortable having my photo taken on the day so it's time to get off the sofa and stop raiding the fridge. I'll keep you posted on my progress - wish me luck!


  1. You do not look pregnant at all!! I'm not saying it to be nice or anything, as a fellow mum who had a huge bump, my tummy looked very similar to that! x

  2. You could always use it to your advantage like I did ~ I have had doors held open for me, people carry heavy things for me, and be excused from using the gym so I could just lounge in the spa & jacuzzi instead :D

  3. Oh you poor old thing! You don't even look pregnant! I have suffered massive bumps too - everyone was sure I was carrying twins last time.....I wasn't.

  4. Ahhhh! I'm always amazed when people risk asking the question. I always prefer to wait until I am told someone is pregnant, or it's REALLY obvious, before saying a word.

    You don't look preggers. No need to worry. It took my bump ages to go down... oopss, actually... youngest is now 3 years old, and it still does that 'bulge' thing it didn't do before being subjected to pregnancy. :-)

  5. I got asked when I was due when Blue was 13 months old. Grrr. Pink didn't appear for at least another 13 months, so the second pregnancy was some way off. I think you look fine. And Yummy Mummy's right - however much you try (admittedly not that hard in my case - too much cake to eat) your stomach never quite goes back to being the same

  6. You look fantastic! I would never think you were pregnant from that picture, some people are so rude! x

  7. You look fantastic & I can sympathise totally. I am a first time mum too & my twins are 7 months & I still have not bounced back. I feel like I look terrible & I am still much bigger than you. My bump was massive & I'm only 5ft2 by the end of my pregnancy I could barley walk. Am currenlty dieting slowly & getting lots of exercise, so I am hoping I will be back to normal before the next millenium. Good luck with your diet. Don't let it get to you. I think you look fab!

    Susie xx(

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